“Our children are inspired to learn, they are happy and they leave with confidence and ambition”.



Our mission is to deliver an inspiring and well-rounded education in a culture underpinned by Christian values.


Our Core Values are:

  • Respect ( The Good Samaritan –  Luke 10 : 25 – 37)
  • Trust  (The parting of the Red Sea – Exodus 13-15)
  • Perseverance (Noah’s Ark – Genesis 6-9)


Strategic Aims

  1. To deliver an education of the highest standards to maximise the potential of every child;
  2. To nurture confidence, curiosity and a sense of community in every child, so they may dream, create and achieve;
  3. To harness fully the diverse experience, expertise and potential of the staff, governors, parents and the wider community to achieve the mission;
  4. To provide the best possible physical environment for the promotion of pupil learning and personal development;
  5. To ensure the long term financial stability of the school.