The Pupil Premium is an element of school funding aimed at narrowing the gap in attainment between certain disadvantaged groups of pupils and those who are more fortunate. In 2016-17 funding is calculated on the basis of £1320 for each pupil who has been eligible for free school meals in the past six years, and for looked after children in care for more than six months. There is a related Service premium of £300 for children of families in the armed services.   The funding is provided to schools, which decide how best to spend this according to local needs. This year our school budget included a total Pupil and Service Premium of £11 880 and below is a summary of the way we will use this funding to support our pupils’ learning. (Note: information related to individual pupils remains confidential).


The main barriers to educational achievement that the disadvantaged children in our school face include the following possibilities:

Low income

Unsettled family arrangements

Inappropriate or inadequate housing

Emotional instability of family member(s)

Terminal illness or decreasing health of adults in the home

Children are young carers

Parents may not have had a successful or enjoyable education

Siblings may have had disrupted educational experiences

Safeguarding concerns


We spend the money to address these issues.


Target Pupil Group

Impact on Learning




Pupil Attainment & Progress

Use of partnership HSLW to help develop emotional needs & to support improved attendance. Free School meals Children. Boost confidence and self-esteem.

Develop social skills.

Improve school attendance.


Trips, Swimming and Residentials

Pupil Premium Children.

 Enhance understanding of classwork through extracurricular activities.

Develop maturity and social skills.

Develop swimming skills.

Booster Maths and English support for Year 6

Pupil Premium children.

 Increased confidence in Mathematics and English skills.

Evidence of good progress.

Resources to support mathematics skills. Pupil Premium children.  Specific intervention to support mathematical understanding and application of maths skills. Evidence of good progress.

Increased confidence in mathematics.

Small group intervention work on writing.

Pupil Premium Children.

 Increased confidence and willingness to write.

Evidence of good progress

Small group intervention work on Comprehension. Pupil Premium pupils.  Increased confidence in discussing and answering questions.

Evidence of ‘closing the gap’.

Phonics training for staff to enable support of children Pupil Premium Children.  Increased staff confidence in phonics teaching.

Evidences of good progress in phonics progression.


Funding for breakfast and after school club. Forces Children  Supporting families.