This year, schools have received PE and Sport Funding. This funding must be used to fund improvements to the provision of PE and sport, for the benefit of primary aged children, in the 2016 – 2017 academic year so that they develop healthy lifestyles. We will receive £8000.00 plus £5.00 per eligible pupil.


As of the end of the Spring Term 1 the money has thus far been allocated as detailed below.

Objectives Actions Outcomes
New Opportunities Ignite to provide sports lessons across KS1 & KS2 and to run after school clubs. A wider variety of sports provided in PE lessons.


Embedding of a range of sports clubs and building skills base.


Participation in a number of school’s tournaments:

Boccia, Netball and small schools football.

Swimming Provide KS1 and KS2 swimming lessons All children in year 1-6 to have 10 week swimming course.
Transport To cover cost of minibus to provide transport to tournaments. Children able to participate in a wide variety of tournaments and PE opportunities such as the small schools football competition, the Boccia competition.
Staff development Team teach opportunities working with coaches to develop knowledge and skills Staff are developing a wider range of skills
Inclusion All children to be given an opportunity to participate in tournaments and competitions. All children in years 1-6 to have the opportunity for swimming lessons.


All children to be given the opportunity to participate in competitions and tournaments as outlined above.


Specific opportunities for SEND and non-SEND pupils to participate in inclusive Boccia competition.

Tennis and Cricket coach Provide after school and lunch time club.


Early Years Tennis tuition

Increased opportunities for sporting participation.


Developing hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Tracking Pupil involvement Tracking participation in clubs and uptake. Club registers kept and monitored. Register show good uptake and sustained involvement.